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Routes near to the capital of Kefalonia - Argostoli


Koutavos Lagoon is one of the most beautiful natural places of the island of Kefalonia. You can easily arrive there by your bike as it is sited in the Gulf of Argostoli.
It is a very important habitat in which you can find many species of swans, ducks, seagulls and many more. The area around Koutavos is ideal for bicycling and walking.

Cycle details : Beginner, distance 5 Klm, heart palpitations 80-90 , 20-25 min, road route / off road route.

Katavothres - Fanari beach  the most impressive geological phenomenon in the island. For many years a lot of scientists have tried to explain how the water
disappears under the stones. Before 40 years it became known that the water follows an underground river and appears again after 14 days to the other side of the
island which is 18 klm away of that place.

Cycle details : Beginner , distance 2 klm, heart palpitations 80-90, 8-12 min, road route / off road route.

Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi The Lighthouse, a circular Doric structure with 20 columns and a 8m. tall tower, was built in 1828 by the British administrator

Charles Napier. it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1953 and rebuilt in 1960 by local architect Takis Pavlatos. It lies in the ring road of Lassi, only 2,5 klm away
from Argostoli. The route that leads to it will fascinate you.

Cycle details : Beginner , distance 2,5 klm, heart palpitations 80-90, 10-12 min, road route / off road route.



Makris Gialos - Platis Gialos  Makris Gialos is one of the most famous places in Kefalonia Island. It is a long beach where you can enjoy water sports and you
will have wonderful view to a small island called "Vardianoi". There are beach bars and restaurants where you can taste summer coctails and greek foods! Near to
Makris Gialos at Lassi's area there are a lot of hotels, bars, food markets and shops.

Cycle details : Beginner , distance 6,5 klm, heart palpitations 95-100, 30-35 min, road route.


St Barbara Church - Bridge  About 5 klm away from Argostoli there is a traditional Kefalonian Church under an old bridge and between two big rocks. There
you can enjoy the wonderful view to Argostoli.

Cycle details : Beginner, distance 5 klm , heart palpitations 95 -110, 25-30 min, road route.


Castle of St George . The Venecian Castle of Saint George is located 7 klm south east of Argostoli. It covers an area of 16000 sq. m. It was originally built
in the 12th Century by the Byzantines but it was mostly the Venecians who gave it its present form. This Castle was the capital of Kefalonia before Argostoli was
made the new capital in 1757. Close to a small square in the Castle you will also see the ruins of the Catholic Church of Saint Nicholas.

Cycle details : Intermediate, distance 8,5 klm, heart palpitations 100-120+, 45-60 min, road route.


Myrtos Beach is situated in the region of Pylaros, in the north-west of Kefalonia . It is one of the most famous beaches at the Mediterranean sea
The beach is awarded with the blue flag and has been voted 11 times as the best beach in Greece.

Cycle details : Advanced - Expert, distance 34 klm, heart palpitations 110-130+. 150 -180 + min , road route.


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Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands. Its breathtaking landscape and beautiful beaches will amaze you! From the green mountains to the unique bays, you will experience a wonderful feeling of tranquility. The island is suited to all of the outdoor pursuits of cycling, swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing and scuba diving, all activities designed to fascinate you! Historical museum, natural museums, traditional monasteries, castles, caves, lakes and national park of Ainos mountain (the biggest mountain of the Ionian islands) are some of the main destinations when you visit the island!


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